SGC Principles

The Sydney Go Club is a friendly environment where people can practice the art of Go with other likeminded people.

All Go players who abide by the club principles are welcome.  The club organisers believe the following principles are self-evident…

  1. The art and practice of Go is something to be enjoyed,
  2. Respect and courtesy are essential at all times including playing and reviewing a game.
  3. Learning and teaching are more important than winning.
  4. Playing games is essential to improve you and your opponent’s skills.
  5. A match consists of two parts, playing and reviewing the game.
  6. If you wish to play a game, ask the person and respect their reply
  7. If you as asked to play please do so, if you cannot, please explain the reason
  8. Enjoy your game and the game review
  9. The game review is not a competition, it’s where you can learn whether you won the game or not.
  10. Spectators watch, they do not comment during the game. If a player wishes to help they should ask to participate in the game review.
  11. Everybody has ideas that should be listened to.
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